In mid July my darling mum Jenny woods, was diagnosed with an incurable cancer called myeloma, although she was immediately started on chemotherapy to try and slow the disease and give her some more time, it was not to be, the cancer was too aggressive and she passed away in the early hours of the 18th August, my brother and I were with her.

To raise money into research for a cure I shall be doing a charity skydive in May 2017. I know that donating to charity is very personal and we cannot support all the charities we would like, but if you could give just £1 it would be so very grateful accepted as every little counts. I'm not being altogether altruistic in this fundraising as the Myeloma has a genetic link and I don't want any more members of my family suffering from this brutal disease.

Please donate via Just Giving, just click on the link below.


You can visit this website to find out more about this rarer type of cancer.

Earlier this year I was commissioned by the National Lottery to produce 4 images for a colouring book for Team GB athletes at the Rio olympics, I have several copies left and you can own oneby donating £10 or more to 

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