Pages from my laporello sketch book, recording the essence of a day with accompanying prose. 

 " A rough sea!
  Stretched out over Sado
  The Milky Way"

"I can't be left to my imagination
Let me be weak, let me sleep
and dream of sheep"

"...Heartbreak ran like an undercurrent of time, but despair would come and go like the shadows of clouds..."


"...Memory, which so confounds our waking life with anticipation and regret, may well be our one true earthly consolation when time slips out of joint..."


"By a pool of darkening dreams
Slowly twisting downstream
Underneath the tortuous trees
Out into the sad silent seas" 

"Take my shoes off and throw them in the lake
And I'll be two steps on the water" 

"I started early, took my dog,
And visited the sea,
The mermaids in the basement
Came out to look at me" 

"Let me stand
Let me stay
Let me stare
Let me"

Ode to a pizza delivery box
How do I love thee,
let me count the ways
No cooking
No cleaning
No grimacing - has this got lentils in it?

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