Oil on Wood; 59 x 76 cm
    Painted on plywood, with the grain of the wood visible 
    The Rest is Memory
    41 x 61 cm, oil on wood
    It Goes Out Slowly But It Can't Be Stopped
    41 x 61 cm, oil on wood
    Beth tells Jo that she isn't recovering from Scarlet fever: Little Women
    Winter's Wilderness
    Oil on Wood, 32 x 48 cm
    Infinite Echoes
    Oil on wood, 30 x 27 cm
    Highlander Mist
Oil on wood, 61 x 40 cm 
   £450 SOLD
   Eileen Donan Castle

                                                Oil on Wood, 33.5 x 30.5 cm
                                                Holy Island
                                                Oil on Wood, 33.5 x 30.5 cm
         Lindisfarne and Holy Island can be hung as a diptych

                                                I am Light and Dust
                                                oil on wood, 35x36cm, 
                                                Colours can vary a lot depending on the screen you are viewing this on.
   Winter's Beach
   Oil on wood, 61x40 cm
   Beach between East Runton and Cromer
   Reflecting On
   Oil on Wood; 21 x 41 cm
   North Norfolk Beach
Oil on wood, 82 x 60 cm
Private commission 2021
The Truth that Lies beneath the Surface Life
Pencil on gesso and fabric

Event Horizon; Installation view Shades of Grey; 2010
Wood and canvas wardrobe, pen 

Dry Point etching on paper

 Evening Walk
Screen print on paper; 66 x 92 cm
 2009; £70

Winter Walk
Screenprint on paper; 66 x 92 cm

Photo and acrylic; 2010 

Paper and pencil; 2010 

Wood and biro; 2009 

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