I am available for commission, please see my Contact page for further details, oil and pastel portraits start from £100 and will be quoted individually.
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                                                   Oil on Canvas
                                                   Prices start from £100
    Pastel on Paper: A3

    If you would like to Commission an A3 pastel portrait with background prices start from £180, vignettes from £100

    Tired and Tousled
    Pastel on Paper; A3
   "Summer Heat"
    Pastel on paper; A3
Class of 2023
Charcoal on sugar paper
(drawings are all on the same colour paper, it's the photography of the drawings in lots of different light over several weeks which is the issue)
                                                               Private commission
                                                               Oil on board
                                        Pastel on paper, A3
                                        Private Commission £100
                   Pencil on Paper
                   Private Commission £140
                                         Pastel on Paper, A3
                                         Private Commission £140

    Vignette Pastel Portrait
   Commissions from £100

                                                      Pastel portrait vignette commission

                                                      Commissions from £100

                                                         Pencil Commission (£80)
                                                         Pencil Commission (£80)
                                 Engagement Present
                                 Pencil on Paper;
                                 Drawn from two different photographs
                                 Pencil on gesso primed wood
                                          pencil on paper
                                          Pencil on paper
                                          Pencil on paper

I Have Been Here Before; oil on canvas 

I Was Here; oil on paper 

The Drying Room; oil on paper 

Sakira; oil on wood 

Picking Snowdrops; oil on canvas 

Family Portrait; Charcoal on sugar paper

Private Commission
Imaginative Family Portrait 

Purrfect Pet Pawtraits

                                                                                      Spaniel: oil on wood
    The Worrall Family Dogs
    Private Commission
    Oil on Wood
    Comparative price £500
    (The background is a more uniform colour, with the right side similar to the the left, it looks more grey just due to the photography of it)

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