I am available for commission, please see my Contact page for further details, oil and pastel portraits start from £100 and will be quoted individually.
Scroll down for pet pawtraits

                                                   Oil on Canvas
                                                   Prices start from £100
    Pastel on Paper: A3

    If you would like to Commission an A3 pastel portrait with background prices start from £180, vignettes from £100

    Tired and Tousled
    Pastel on Paper; A3
   "Summer Heat"
    Pastel on paper; A3
                                        Pastel on paper, A3
                                        Commission £100
                   Pencil on Paper
                   Commission £140
                                         Pastel on Paper, A3
                                         Commission £140

    Vignette Pastel Portrait
   Commissions from £100

                                                      Pastel portrait vignette commission

                                                      Commissions from £100

                                                         Pencil Commission (£70)
                                                         Pencil Commission (£70)
                                 Engagement Present
                                 Pencil on Paper;
                                 Drawn from two different photographs
                                 Pencil on gesso primed wood
                                          pencil on paper
                                          Pencil on paper
                                          Pencil on paper

I Have Been Here Before; oil on canvas 

I Was Here; oil on paper 

The Drying Room; oil on paper 

Sakira; oil on wood 

Picking Snowdrops; oil on canvas 

Family Portrait; Charcoal on sugar paper

Private Commission
Imaginative Family Portrait 

Purrfect Pet Pawtraits

                                                                                      Spaniel: oil on wood
    The Worrall Family Dogs
    Private Commission
    Oil on Wood
    Comparative price £500
    (The background is a more uniform colour, with the right side similar to the the left, it looks more grey just due to the photography of it)

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